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A blend of all recorded tracks using volume automation, panning, track leveling, eq, compression, reverb, etc. to give you the best sound for your song.

Mix Consultation

Because sometimes you need a second pair of ears on your project.

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Sound Design

Sound samples, midi, and sound effects to give your song that extra special something.


Electric bass guitar, piano, tambourine, shaker, dumbeck, virtual instruments and various handheld instruments.


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About Anita Potter Productions
  • Anita Potter

    In the Beginning...

    I’ve always loved music and playing instruments. I started out in elementary school playing the clarinet through junior high. It was during that time that I discovered music and all the different genres that I never new existed outside of classical music.

  • Bass Guitar

    All About the Bass

    It was then that I fell in love with the bass guitar the way the instrument not only helps drive the rhythm of the drums but supports the melody as well. I have been playing the bass for nearly 30 years now.

  • Piano

    Piano Journey

    Another instrument that I love playing is the piano with a focus on classical music. Bach, Beethoven and Purcell are just a small few of the composers that I love. Learning how to play the piano moved me towards learning about midi and virtual instruments including drums, synths and sound effects.

  • Mix Engineer

    Mixing Engineer

    The next step in my musical journey was to learn the art and science of audio engineering.

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